The transcript for the wonderful movie Waking Life can be found online, transcribed by James Skemp.

Comment on the complete Waking Life transcript below, or read and comment on an individual chapter:

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Script of the movie Waking Life, based on Tara Carreon's transcription, but with revisions based upon a viewing of the DVD version of the movie, which was watched with subtitles.

Special thanks to Andrew, Larry Redden, Ed Sandberg, and Mark W for pointing out errors in Tara's transcription (numerous errors were fixed here, along with some scene information clarifications). Absolutely let me know if anything slipped by my look-over, especially in the quicker and the 'like, like, you know,' sections ;)

Please note that these chapters do contain small images from the film. For the sake of all users, images have been limited to no more than two per chapter.

Revisions by James Richard Skemp III
Revision begun: December 24 2004

Modified: June 4 2005; June 15 2005; June 16 2005; June 21 2005; July 22 2005; August 25 2005; September 27 2005; October 17 2005; October 21 2005; May 25, 2006; August 20, 2006; January 27, 2007